If you have ever stepped on the arena of Web Designing or Blogging, you would have learned about WordPress, for sure. After we guess right, the prominent mentions would have come about when talking about blogs that is just about the web form of your familiar publications or newspapers. On this site, we will give you a review on WordPress, comprising all what you must understand about the platform.

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Technically speaking, WordPress is a Free Content Management Set-up running on PHP, with a familiarized abbreviation of CMS. CMS is something which helps you to handle articles inside your web site promptly and conveniently, without writing 1000s of code lines. As you set up software in your PC, you can install WordPress in the server containing PHP support.

1st release of this cross-platform blog software was on twenty seventh May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. In these 10 years, WordPress was prepared to power a large number of blogs and websites and to become one amongst the most well liked blogging systems over Cyber Web. Just as many of other success reports, WordPress is likewise a program of open-source group; where there are enormous developers to make worthwhile efforts in each section of enhancement.

When it comes to the word of popularity, WordPress is suitable for description Top CMS in-spite of the fact that the platform is rather common as a semantic blogging platform. This CMS employs a template and plug-in design, where it’s much simple for both end users and developers to undertake their stuff. We must also mention that this platform has a huge number of plug-ins and themes offered free and fee-based purchases. Based on the statistics accomplished by Alexa, 14.7% of top web sites’ managing platform is WordPress.

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It is the best type of WordPress you could get, where there are not any tactics of marketing yet the hard work of open-source contributors. By WordPress.org, you can acquire the hottest version of described Content management systems and utilize it on your website by applying on server. As we specified earlier, there can be many different amendment features just like plug-ins, widgets, themes etc. So, WordPress.org must be the preference when you need your own private website to conduct the project and don’t need codes to control your head. There are many top features of WordPress.org, which consequently will help it to turn the very best Content management systems.

Multi user blogging

High level alteration

Can run of PHP

Mobile Phone Applications for on-the-go weblog


As we described previously, WordPress.com is the professional version of WordPress CMS, belonging to well known web-based venture Automattic. When it comes to WordPress.com, you don’t have to procure web hosting or server because the service by itself gives site hosting followed by a sub domain. Therefore, this is a good choice in case you are a new comer to WordPress and would like to look at things. Yet, once you feel options are limited, you can advance towards the pro version by paying an amount accompanied by some professional features too. The company also supplies numerous exceptional versions such as WordPress VIP for large blogs and ventures.


Just what Is WordPress? All You need to understand!